In light of the current COVID-19 situation, there are significant changes taking place at New Life Bible Fellowship


 We want to make sure that you are safe and that your needs are being met. 

If you have a need, we want to do everything we can to help you meet your needs, both spiritually and physically. We are not able to provide those things that stores and businesses are out of, but we can work with you to meet other needs, like picking up prescriptions, normal groceries, etc. If you have a need, or if you know of anyone personally with needs locally, we ask that you e-mail the church at and we will call or respond as quickly as we can. Please understand that we may not be able to meet every need, but we will try to reach out to fellow churches and organizations in the event we cannot meet the needs within our church family.

Tithes and Offerings

We want to provide a way for you to continue to give your tithes and offerings, and so we encourage you to use the Cash.App. If you do not have Cash.App on your phone yet you can click on this link: If you already have Cash.App you will select $NLBF (New Life Bible Fellowship) to give your tithe or offering. The mail will continue to be checked, or you can put it in a sealed envelope and simply drop it through the mail slot at the church.

Canyon County and the spread of COVID-19

Pastor Jeremy was on a conference call with the Nampa Mayor, who provided information for the city of Nampa as well as Canyon County, and due to the danger involved with the spread of COVID-19 to the more mature generations, and with 9 confirmed cases in Idaho now, it is recommended that we do not have in-person meetings for the foreseeable future, potentially 8 weeks, or even longer. As this is a new process for us all, please understand that this affects small groups, worship services, and any special events.

New Life Bible Fellowship goes Live on Facebook This Sunday!

Please do not come to the church building. Instead during our regular service time, we will Live-Stream our entire Sunday Worship Service on Facebook. Please indicate your presence with you name and or an emoji in the comment section. We want to have an interactive service, so we encourage you to ask questions concerning the message that you want Pastor Dave to answer. Please be patient with us as this is new for all of us.
You shouldn’t need a Facebook account to watch the services. Our Facebook page can be found at Livestreams will be available on Facebook any time after the service. Sermon notes will be accessible within the Bible app for one week so you will be able to take message notes according to your own schedule.

Children, Youth, Lifegroups

We are also looking at creative ways to engage with our children and youth.  We encourage you to “meet” with your LifeGroups through different media venues, such as Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Facetime, Duo, Tango, text or email to remain encouraged and engaged with your overall LifeGroups. 

Please Pray With Us

We want to have an effective ministry to our church family and to be able to reach out to your friends and neighbors via our digital service.